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Paperback Library,Atlanta: He was sworn in as Governor on December 21, Smith started wrestling ininitially competing in Championship Wrestling from Florida. He continued to act as a government liaison with the Cherokee, and in he helped some of the Cherokee resettle in Arkansas Territory.

To avert this calamity, I shall make no endeavor to maintain my authority as Chief Executive of this State, except by the peaceful exercise of my functions Books for Libraries Press, He negotiated a peace settlement with the Cherokee of East Texas in February to allay their fears about independence.

Whatever is calculated to weaken or impair the strength of [the] Union,—whether originating at the North or the South,—whether arising from the incendiary violence of abolitionists, or from the coalition of nullifiers, will never meet with my Sam houston approval.

Houston turned down a Union offer to lead a 50,man force against the Confederate rebels and retired to Huntsville, Texas, where he died in His "true motives" for entering Texas have been the source of much speculation.

Sam Houston

The babyface duo lost when DiBiase turned heel on his partner. He retired to Huntsville in where he died July 26, Championships and accomplishments[ edit ]. University of North Texas Press, Beginning with the election, he was mentioned as a possible candidate for president.

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But when they begin to move in a given direction, they move with the steady momentum and perseverance of a mighty avalanche ; and what I fear is, they will overwhelm the South. Daguerreotype Certified by Christie's Auction House. When they rose in rebellion against Mexico in Novemberhe was chosen commander in chief of their army an appoinment that was formally confirmed after the adoption of the Texas Declaration of Independence on March 2, He also pursued a law practice in Nacogdoches and filed for a divorce from Eliza, which was finally granted in In Houston found it necessary to send the militia to quell the Regulator-Moderator War in Shelby County, an East Texas feud that presented one of the most vexing problems of his second administration.

Between his presidential terms the constitution did not allow a president to serve consecutive termsHouston was elected as a representative from San Augustine in the Texas House of Representatives.

In the name of my own conscience and manhood, which this Convention would degrade by dragging me before it, to pander to the malice of my enemies, I refuse to take this oath. As a member of Congress, he worked mightily, though unsuccessfully, for the election of Andrew Jackson to the presidency in Houston defeated Steve Lombardi in the dark match at the Royal Rumble but was unable to move past lower level competition.

It was there that Houston was elected commander-in-chief of the armies of Texas. He incurred the permanent wrath of proslavery elements by supporting the Compromise ofa series of measures designed to ensure sectional harmony.


After joining his army in Gonzales, Houston and his troops retreated eastward as the Mexican army under Gen. During this administration, Houston stressed financial austerity and drastically reduced government offices and salaries. After annexation inhe was elected one of the two United States senators by the Texas legislature.

Because he was much in the minority on this issue, Houston was removed from office in March ofending his illustrious carrier in public service. He also struggled to avoid war with Mexico, whose forces invaded twice during At that time, Tennessee was on the American frontierand even larger towns like Nashville were vigilant against Native American raids.

He was appointed major general in the regular army by the Consultation and was made commander in chief by the Convention of With the outbreak of the second war with England, Houston enlisted as a private soldier, and was made sergeant of a company.

Shortly after the battle, Houston was elected to the Consultationa congregation of Texas leaders. In this position he tried unsuccessfully to prevent the secession of his state inand upon his refusal to swear allegiance to the Confederacyhe was declared deposed from office in March.

Statesman Samuel Houston was a key political figure in the creation of the state of Texas. He was elected the first president of the Republic of Texas in Samuel Houston was born on March 2 Born: Mar 02, The Sam Houston, Curio Collection by Hilton downtown hotel is historic, boutique, pet-friendly, and offers onsite dining and complimentary WiFi in all rooms.

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Sam Houston (wrestler)

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Giants of Texas History. Back to "Giants of Texas History". Sam Houston. Few figures in Texas history are as controversial as Sam Houston.

Giants of Texas History

In his own lifetime, he so dominated Texas affairs that the political camps were divided into pro and anti Houston factions. HOUSTON, SAM (–).Sam Houston, one of the most illustrious political figures of Texas, was born on March 2,the fifth child (and fifth son) of Samuel and Elizabeth (Paxton) Houston, on their plantation in sight of Timber Ridge Church, Rockbridge County, Virginia.

Sam houston
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